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Import Excel into InDesign

Many marketers in B2B sectors face this challenge: you have complex data in Excel format that you want to import into InDesign. The data gets updated every month, and so should your publications. You’re not mastering InDesign, though, and you … Read More

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How different is an InDesign plugin from a Print automation engine like Pintu Publish?

Pintu Publish is a “print automation engine”. How does this solution compare to a “plugin solution” that works directly in InDesign?  One-time desktop publishing efforts The first difference is that an InDesign plugin is used by… desktop publishers. Users who … Read More

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How to design a template for your print automation engine?

A print automation engine helps you automate the lay-out of your documents. Follow these 3 easy steps to design a professional template! Step 1: The corporate ingredients for a professional template First things first: your template needs to reinforce your … Read More

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