Product tour

Pintu Publish Product Tour

Are you looking for a simple solution to perform powerful data merges in Adobe InDesign? Watch the lay-out of your complex catalogues, with index and table of content, happen automatically with our simple XML tool: Pintu Publish. A picture is worth a thousand words: play the video and see how the Pintu Publish InDesign automation tool will revolutionize the way you publish your catalogues, datasheets or commercial documents: no plug-in needed, simple operation through command-line.

Built for Marketers, not for InDesign experts

With Pintu Publish, anyone can professionally lay out a database-driven document. All you need to start producing beautiful documents like the best DTP specialist is a structured InDesign template and a tagged XML file! Our InDesign automation tool takes care of the rest – automatically!

Connects to your existing data

Is your data sitting in a PIM-system, in your ERP or in Excel files? That's all fine: you can feed Pintu Publish with an export from any of these sources as a tagged XML file.

No-risk, free trial

Have you been trying other solutions in the past and are you still wondering whether Pintu Publish can solve your database-publishing headaches? Download our 30-day trial – with no strings attached – and watch the magic happen.

One product, no additional modules

Pintu Publish contains everything you need to publish any type of structured document from day one. No additional charges for optional modules. One clear pricing for a lifetime tool.

Easy to implement

With our detailed documentation and tag references, you and your IT colleagues are all set. Follow the guide and start publishing right now.

Single version of the truth

Changes you perform in InDesign will not be reflected in the database. Therefore, your original data remains the single version of the truth.